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Fort Myers, Florida - FMY - Post 491 Meetings

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Meetings are held the First and Third Thursdays
of each month at 6:30pm. 


New and old members, guests, friends and family are always welcome.

As for dress code if you have an Aviation Exploring shirt wear it if not try to find any aviation shirt if still no luck, just come as you are.


Try your best not to be late we try to get out on time thus we must start at 6:30 promptly.


If your a member and can not attend don't forget to send us an email, text, or let one of your officers know.  If you do then your absence will not count against you.


Where to go? see meeting locations


See meeting minutes for:

February 2nd - Intro to the Aircraft Structures
February 16th - Aircraft Structures and Limitations
September 20th 2012 First Nighter of 2012
December 2012 New Officer Elections.

February 2nd - Intro to the Aircraft Structures

February 16th - Aircraft Structures and Limitations

July 5th Meeting


September 20, 2012   Base OPS at Page Field

The meeting began with an optional Aviation Trivia portion from 6:00 to 6:30 pm. 

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm  by Alex King, Vice President  and Acting President

The attendance roster was passed around and members introduced themselves.  Many new prospective members and parents were in attendance.

Michael den Hartog announced that he still needs a list of classes attended at base camp from Zion, Mark, Dakota and Brendan so they can get reimbursement for expenses from the trip.

Meeting Minutes from the last meeting will be read at the first meeting in October.

Michael den Hartog gave a great presentation with several videos and answered many questions from prospective members and parents in the audience.    He also mentioned the Post Store and the many items that will be available for purchase with tickets from the trivia games. 

Discussion around the rebuilding of Miss Kitty II.  At the next meeting  4 Team Leaders will be chosen and dates for the airplane build will be announced. 

Sign up sheets for future events were placed at the front of the room for prospective and current members to fill out.  

Applications were given out to prospective members to fill out.

Following a motion to close the meeting, the meeting was adjourned by Alex King at 7:30 pm.


2013 Post Officer Elections  DATE: DEC 6 2012


1. Call the meeting to order (Called to order by Alex)

2. Introduce New Members, Guests and Speakers ( Mr; Keith/ Taylor( New Member)

3. Meeting Minutes, From 11/15/11 (Secretary, Communications)
a. Financials were reported as currently 101.00 total all accounts with No outstanding IOUs or Invoices/bills

4. Discussion of old business was started.
a.  Marsha is Audit mailing list membership roster and paperwork with June to be turned over to the new secretary
b. June is working on log books for everyone which were passed out to all members present
I.  be sure to log everything
            c. flight training sign-up sheet was passed around again
I. Thursday 2nd and 4th of each month
II. Starting January 3rd

5. Discussion of new business
A. Post election speeches
                    ( Kalvin. S Pres, ViceP)
                    (Brooke Pres, ViceP, Tresur, and Secretary)
                    (Micah Pres, ViceP)
                    (Charles ViceP, Tresur)
                    (Mark Treasur)
                    (Keith Treasur, Sec)
B. New building location was discussed for the airport
                                Security/Access protocol was discussed

6. Miss kitty update and intentions
A. team leaders thoughts
                                Everyone had good report and thinks we are doing well
            B. Advisers thoughts
                                All is goo but if we cannot make it we need to make sure we recruit a replacement.  It is not good or proper to ask and instructor to come and be late or not show up.
            C. Update team leaders on miss kitty progress
I. Team 2 - Dec 8th Prepare and build frames for practice
II. Team 3- Dec 15th practice fabric covering
III. Team 5- Dec 22nd practice fabric covering
IV. December 29th cancelled
V. Team 1- January 5th install controls

7.Elections via secret ballot per protocol
            President- Brooke
            Vice President- Charles
            Treasurer- Mark
            Secretary- Keith

Marsha and Jason plan to be at Save Allot with our Bracelets Dec. 7-8-9 and 10th 7 am

8. motion to close and dismiss

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